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Senior Backend Architect & Developer (b2b, remote)

  • I have more than 20 years of professional experience in software architecture and development across various domains and the Cloud.

  • I thrive on the challenges of a new project and leverage my technical expertise, strong customer relationship skills, up-to-date knowledge, and business acumen to drive success.

  • Since 2019, my primary focus has been developing a multitenant, SaaS GIS web application using cutting-edge technologies such as Go, Azure Cloud Services, Kubernetes, MongoDB Atlas, Okta IAM, Rust, Terraform, and Bazel.  Some examples of this work include:

    • Creating a multitenant, Linkerd2 meshed microservice architecture using gRPC for secure inter-service communications;

    • Integrating third-party web services to enhance backend system features, such as access token validation by Okta and sending notifications to clients through SendGrid's API;

    • Enhancing GIS images using photogrammetry and raster techniques;

    • Scripting release deployment to Kubernetes of namespaced-siloed clients;

    • Streamlining client onboarding through Terraform scripting;

  • More than 20 years of professional software architecting & development experience across many domains and the Cloud;

  • Since 2019, my focus has been on Go, Azure Cloud Services, Kubernetes, MongoDB Atlas,Okta IAM, Rust, and Bazel;

  • Seeking contracted, remote software architecting & development opportunities; 

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Michael Gardner

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