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Senior Web Developer & Architect
(freelance, contract, remote)

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Michael Gardner

For more than 20 years, I have used my technical expertise, customer relationship skills, and business acumen to support the success of my clients' projects. I am a dedicated learner who actively seeks freelance, contracted, and remote opportunities to explore new techniques and technologies, ensuring I stay at the forefront of the industry.

My primary focus since 2019 has been the creation of a multitenant, SaaS, GIS Cloud application using cutting-edge technologies such as Go, Azure Cloud Services, Kubernetes, Linkerd2, MongoDB Atlas, Okta IAM, Rust, Terraform, and Bazel. Previous developers produced partial solutions that failed using C# and Kotlin. I migrated requirements from C#, Kotlin, and Subject Matter Experts into a new architecture that is stable, performant, and in production. Additional features include the following:

  * Implementing microservices using gRPC inter-service communications;

  * Validating OAuth2 access tokens using Okta's IAM platform;

  * Sending notifications to users through SendGrid's platform;

  * Enhancing GIS images using photogrammetry and raster techniques;

  * Generating client-specific PDF reports after data analysis;

  * Implementing CI/CD using Azure Actions;

  * Streamlining client onboarding through Terraform scripting;

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