Amazon Glacier is an excellent online service for archiving your data for long-term storage.  Although they have crafted a secure, reliable, and cost effective service, they do not provide an application for working with your vaults and archives.  There are utilities available, but most of them are cumbersome, unsecure, non-commercial tools, which are insufficient for organizations that require commercial quality applications and support.  So, we've created GlacialFreeze for Information Technology professionals!  It provides a powerful command line interface, which is crucial for automation, scripting, and scheduling tasks.  GlacialFreeze makes it easy to work with Amazon Glacier and to integrate it into your organization.

Key Features

    ·         Commercial quality, security, and support
    ·         Available for 32/64-bit Windows systems
    ·         Automatic AES 256-bit Encryption
    ·         New version check and easy upgrade
    ·         Vault manipulation
    ·         Expands upon basic Amazon Glacier archive commands, such as the following:
       o   Remove a list of archives
       o   Remove all archives
       o   Remove archives older than a number of days
    ·         Generates an XML listing of archives that you can use in your automation
    ·         Generates an XML upload log that you can use in your automation
    ·         FastScan™ locates the most recent version of a file using a file specification. 
           This feature is very useful for automatically uploading the most recent daily backup.

The current release, 1.1, completes the implementation of the set of commands for manipulating vaults and archives. 

So, why spend your valuable time working through Amazon's application programming interface documentation to create your own utility for managing files in Amazon Glacier?  Download GlacialFreeze and start your 30-day trial!  We are confident that you will consider it one of your most valuable tools!

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Renewal Information:

In order to renew your subscription, please log into your Avangate account, find your GlacialFreeze subscription order, and click the renewal button.  Alternatively, please contact us a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can assist you.  Your Avangate account information is in the e-mail that was delivered when your order was fulfilled.